Alumni Welcome and FAQ

Thank you for your service!

Whether you just finished your service year or you served with the first class of VISTAs in 1965, this section provides information and resources for all of our AmeriCorps VISTA alumni.

Frequently asked questions are included below. We invite you to connect with old friendsshare your story, and stay informed about upcoming events.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I obtain my Certification of Service Letter?

You can print your Certification of Service Letter through your account on Simply:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username/password
  3. From the left-hand column, click on "Service Letters"
  4. Select the appropriate "Service Dates" from the drop down menu
  5. Click on "Letter Type" and choose Certification of Service
  6. Enter your address or the address of whomever you're sending the letter. If you have any username/password problems or need assistance, please call 866.942.2677 or email
What is Non Competitive Eligibility (NCE) and how do I use it?

For more information about Non-Competitive Eligibility Status, please see the NCE section of the VISTA Benefits Hub.

How do I make a Service Credit Payment toward Federal Retirement?

Under CSRS or FERS Federal Employees Retirement Systems, you can make a service credit deposit payment for completed periods of VISTA and/or Peace Corps volunteer service (excluding training time). Both CSRS and FERS employees can make a service credit deposit for VISTA and/or Peace Corps volunteer service, regardless of the year in which the service was performed. This deposit will make the VISTA and/or Peace Corp service creditable in the calculation of any future pension amount. Unpaid deposits are charged interest over time.

For VISTA service credit complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain a copy of your VISTA Certification of Service letter by contacting the National Service Hotline at 866.942.2677 or
  2. Check to be sure that the letter you receive shows a dollar amount, not $0. All letters should show an amount. If the letter shows $0, re-contact the National Service Hotline at 866.942.2677 or
  3. Provide the VISTA letter to your Office of Human Capital/Human Resources, and be sure to advise them that you would like to make a service credit deposit.
  4. Your Human Capital representative will advise you concerning your submission of your VISTA letter, along with the appropriate form for Application to Make Service Credit Payment.
How do I connect with other alumni?

You can connect with other alumni several ways:

  1. Register (if you haven’t already) on the VISTA Campus. Creating a user profile allows you to reach out to members and alums.
  2. Search for members and alums through the map and send them messages through learning connections.
  3. Send a message through Facebook.
How do I continue to show my AmeriCorps VISTA pride?

Go to to get vintage VISTA tees and other AmeriCorps VISTA branded gear!

What is AmeriCorps Alums?

AmeriCorps Alums is a national network that convenes the alumni of all AmeriCorps national service programs. Since 2005, AmeriCorps Alums has been an enterprise of Points of Light dedicated to building a community of experienced volunteer leaders committed to a lifetime of service. Alums are encouraged to fully realize their potential by building connections and engaging with others to create transformational change in their communities.

Here’s what AmeriCorps Alums can do for you:

  • CONVENE Alumni in Local Chapters
  • LEAD in National Professional and Leadership Development
  • SUPPORT Life After AmeriCorps with Member Benefits
  • ELEVATE Alumni as Advocates
Have additional questions?

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