Asset Mapping: 10 Steps

The 10-step process listed below can be followed when you are mapping assets. We'll look at each step in more detail in the following sections of this Map with pins of different sizescourse. 

  1. Determine your purpose for mapping.

  2. Map your organization’s “internal” resources and discover a mapping manager.

  3. Find out who will direct the process after mapping is complete.

  4. Create a geographic focus.

  5. Assemble an advisory group.

  6. Secure funds for the completion of mapping and the larger project.

  7. Utilize multiple tools, methods, and sources to identify and catalog the community's assets.

  8. Ensure storage of correct information.

  9. Prepare to invite individuals and associations to be further involved.

  10. Implement the invitation to further involvement and review your purpose statement.

Notice that this 10-step process reaffirms the idea that asset mapping — or the mapping of resources — is not simply writing down the answer to "What's there?"