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Welcome to the Volunteer Management online course series, presented to you by the Corporation for National and Community Service in conjunction with Hands On Network. Hands On Network is an internationally recognized volunteer management resource developing a new generation of volunteer engagement techniques — tailored to today’s community service organization.

This course, Enagaging College Students as Volunteer Leaders, was developed to help national service programs leverage the tremendous energy and skills of college students to serve as volunteer leaders. It is meant to be a user-friendly resource for building a program that utilizes and supports student volunteer leaders. This course does not prescribe how your program should be structured; it does, however, provide resources you can adapt to meet your local program needs.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of Engaging College Students as Volunteer Leaders you should be able to:

  • Create a student volunteer leader program
  • Recruit and support students
  • Build teams of student leaders
  • Connect service with learning
  • Build students’ skills through service

The course contains action-oriented sections to help you meet these objectives. In addition, several sections of the course include activities and templates to help you apply the content to your program. We hope you thoroughly enjoy this course!

For questions and/or to receive additional volunteer management information or training, please contact Hands On Network at training@HandsOnNetwork.org.