Scenario 3: Making Training Stronger

Read about VISTA Leader Lorelei Pokranz and the Collegiate Service-Learning Corps. Be prepared to answer questions as you go:

VISTA LoreleiLorelei wanted to revise her VISTA members’ orientation to emphasize the organizational culture of non-profits. She feels it is important for her members to learn about the culture of the non-profits in which they serve.

To do this, Lorelei reviewed the list of non-profits her VISTAs would serve in. She then thought about who she knew in each agency and what questions she might ask. She also planned to ask a few of the people she had built relationships with to come to speak at the orientation.


Lorelei contacted executive directors and program managers at the non-profits.
She asked for tips such as:

  • Who VISTAs should contact at their agencies
  • The challenges and opportunities of working in their communities
  • The five most important things to know about their organizations

Lorelei's Orientation Session

Lorelei co-delivered the orientation with a literacy program manager and the executive director of a food bank. The session included:

  • A day-in-the-life of a non-profit program manager,
  • The challenges and opportunities of working in a low-income community, and
  • The five most important things VISTAs should know about working in different non-profits.