"I Want to Serve Because..."


What VISTA Means to You

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You run into an old friend on the street. She’s never heard of VISTA. Spend a few minutes writing what you would say to her about the program and what it means to you.

Many VISTAs keep a journal throughout their service year. Their journal gives them an opportunity to reflect on their service during their year and to look back on the experience in the future.

VISTAs Serve Because...


Defining Ethics

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Ethics (n): Are defined as a set of principles of right conduct.

The VISTA Ethic is a set of principles or values that VISTAs put into practice.


The VISTA Ethic

Former VISTAs describe the VISTA ethic in terms of behaviors, knowledge, attitude, and skills. Click each category to get a better picture of what they mean.


What Brought You to Service?

Below is a list of words that represent the VISTA Ethic. Which of these are important to you? And where did you learn to value them? Are they also important to your family?


Live the Value of Service Every Day

picture of VISTA leading computer class Service is not just about joining a program or getting involved in formal volunteer work. You can live your commitment to service through small acts every day. Here are just a few:

  • Be a good neighbor
  • Speak up for others
  • Be an optimist
  • Be a good listener
  • Do something nice for someone every day
  • Share your good fortune
  • Be open to the joy of giving of yourself
  • Invest your time in doing good
  • Don't wait for others to step up to the plate
  • Dream of a better world—and make your dreams come true

How will you incorporate service into your life 24/7?