Challenges and Opportunities

Thumbnail for [node:title][user:name]The primary challenge of mapping is ensuring that your asset map stays true to the activation of community members and does not result in a simple directory of names and numbers or a physical map of a neighborhood.

Other challenges and opportunities include:

  1. Viewing other people and places as asset-based throughout the program. Most people who map assets will be challenged at some point to believe that a person or a place has inherent gifts or abilities that can help future projects.

  2. Your data will be more valuable if the people you are trying to engage are involved in the implementation and direction of your mapping project. You may have a hard time reaching your projected number of people to engage if the community you are trying to support does not support you in the overall mapping undertaking.

  3. You will discover a lot of great things about an area once you really start looking for them. Make sure not to lose focus. Your purpose statement will help you succeed within a specific timeframe and for the number of people and/or associations you hope to involve.