Coaching the VISTA Member

Coaching is about performance, action, and strategies that lead to success. Coaching grows from the foundation of good supervision. Some suggested strategies for developing a coaching relationship with VISTA members include:

  • Promoting a culture of ongoing learning and growth
  • Asking open-ended questions and collaborating in problem-solving with VISTA(s)
  • Discussing with your VISTA(s) your conversation style, how you’ll give feedback, and other working agreements
  • Providing actionable, positive feedback when appropriate
  • Being open to hearing VISTA complaints, obstacles, and frustrations without judgment
  • Assisting VISTAs in finding their own solutions to problems
  • Developing protocols for addressing conflict
  • Employing the experiential learning cycle: Concrete Experience, Reflective Observation, Abstract Conceptualization, and Active Experimentation (see David Kolb’s work on learning styles for details).