Tips for making a vague project work

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Can anyone give me some tips about how I can make my work days more productive and/or help focus my project on more specific things? I'm into my third week as a VISTA and my project still has no real direction. I'm supposed to help build capacity for a taskforce working on Medical-Legal Partnerships (MLP) in Illinois. However, because there are various organizations in the taskforce, no one really knows what they want done or really where to start. My supervisor is great, but she can only act as an intermediary and cannot give me actual specifics to my questions about goals of the project. I've spent the last couple weeks researching, familiarizing myself with MLPs, and reviewing materials from the taskforce. But, outside of meeting with one of the co-chairs next week to gain more insight for my project, I'm at a loss on what to do. So far, I've just started creating my own resource guides for some initiatives that should happen for the taskforce to be successful, but without any concrete guidance yet I feel like I'm doing needless work.