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Baker 2012 2017 Harrison Arkansas
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I had never heard of VISTA before 2012, although an organization in town supported a team of VISTA for years. The distribution Company that I had worked with for 30 years decided to close, displacing roughly 500 people in our surrounding communities. Our local and state officials came to us to educate us on opportunies and to let us know there IS life after such a rude awakening. Our local workforce center was there with surveys, asking each of us to fill it out. One question on that survey that leads me to this point is..”What do you want to do with yourself now that the company has let you go”? We received a great severance package as well as unemployment benefits for 6 months. My answer was to volunteer somewhere. This answer displayed a “red flag” to one of the workforce employees. She called me and talked at great length about the VISTA program in town. I applied and was accepted. I was 56 years old, did not want the education award, so I served 5 years, thinking I might retire. NOPE, I’m now working with a non-profit in town, one that had supported a VISTA for years prior. That’s it in a nutshell!!!


Thanks for all you do

Decade: 2010s