"So Proud to be an Alumni!"

Alumni story
Kenyatta Turner - Burck 2015 2016 Atlanta

My 1st year serving was  quite an experience but I did not give up! There were many obstacles in my way once I relocated to serve, and the primary one was housing. I was asked to terminate my service but I refused to quit. Each day I continued to research for housing and before I knew it, I found housing. Once I found housing  there was still a dilemma, I didn't have enough money to move in. I still did not give up and once again I made it through.

After my term ended (I settled into the city that I was living in during my service), I decided to serve another term and now I'm a VISTA Leader. I enjoy helping other VISTA members complete their term successfully. My struggles during my first year of service made me stronger and a better leader to my current VISTAs.

Decade: 2010s