Susan Becker Served in Houston TX, 1969 - 1970

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Susan Becker 1969 1970 Houston, Texas
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6th Ward Community Center

Fifteen months of working as a Vista Volunteer in Houston, Texas gave me a much richer and thoughtful life than any contributions I might have made. When organizing for Welfare Rights, I found a woman with kids (one sick), living in the dark, alone, no food, utilities turned off, afraid, no where to go, no one to ask for help.  In walking with her though the “system” for immediate aid, I discovered the heaps of frustration and humiliation the powerless experience. It gave a real three-dimensional mass to a fear of being hungry, afraid and abandoned, without hope. In addition, I found my direction in the 6th Ward, helping to create a community kindergarten with help of women from the First Congregational Church.  An old house in the neighborhood was remodeled, and a curriculum organized by parents and neighbors.  Vaccinations, dental and health care were priorities. It was an unforgettable life experience that broadened my values and future political orientation.

Decade: 1960s