Tom Williamson served in Wadesboro, North Carolina

Alumni story
Tom Williamson Wadesboro

I worked in the paraprofessional program at the Frank Porter Graham Center at Wadesboro, North Carolina. The objective of the program was to help families and individuals to learn to become more self-reliant and productive by producing agricultural products in light of the reduction of family farms. 

Now, more than 25 years later, I see each day around me the practices and methods unfolding. In our communities, we can now buy local farm raised organic beef and pork, vegetables, flowers, and fruits. The public awareness has escalated about becoming more self-sufficient, and it is exciting to see people garden and preserve, many for the first time.  The information, networking skills, and community awareness I learned in VISTA have helped me to understand the importance of being in service to our community. There is much work to be done.  

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