Course Summary

College students have energy, ideas, skills, and an interest in being involved in their community. Tap into this fabulous resource by mobilizing college students as volunteer leaders in your organization. These students can gain valuable personal and professional skills as they research issues and engage their fellow students and other community members in service.

Make an organizational commitment to student volunteer leadership and create a strong program that will actively recruit students, build strong teams, connect service with learning, provide opportunities for skill development, support students, and recognize their efforts. The students, your organization, and the community will benefit from such a rich civic movement.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, you should feel prepared to:

  • Create a student volunteer leader program
  • Recruit and support student volunteer leaders
  • Build teams of student leaders
  • Connect service with learning
  • Build student volunteers’ skills through service

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A large portion of the material in this course was developed or adapted by Citizen Action AmeriCorps members serving at Hands On Network, Seattle Works, and Boston Cares for use in creating, piloting, and expanding the Hands On Campus Initiative. Other portions of the course were adapted from resources by Hands On Greater Portland and L.A. Works, two Hands On Network member organizations.