Finalizing Your Strategy

Thumbnail for [node:title][user:name]To finalize your recruitment strategy, think about all the options available to you and decide which one(s) will help you to recruit the student volunteer leaders you need. To create a viable recruitment strategy, consider the logistics involved with the places, people, methods, and tools you plan to use.

Logistics to Consider

The following terms explore logistical considerations for finalizing your recruitment strategy:

Capacity: How many people will be recruiting? Just you? Other volunteers? Do you have a recruitment budget? If so, what is it? What is your time frame? How long do you have to achieve your recruitment goals?

Physical Details: What are the logistics of the campus? Do most people live on campus or nearby, or do the majority of students commute? Is your campus located near or within a community where many students spend time between or after classes? Where are your target students most likely to be found on campus? Note the academic departmental buildings, the club or organization locations, and venues where these students are likely to congregate.

Rules and Regulations: Where can you table? Where can you post physical fliers, posters, etc.? Where can you physically stand and hand out fliers? What are the newspaper, e-mail, and community calendar deadlines and submission rules?

Campus Community Details: Is there a campus calendar posted online or in the student center? Does it include details of major events or club activity events? Is there a Student Activities/Clubs/Organizations department on campus? Is there a website? Do the departments or clubs you’ve already highlighted above have websites, newsletters, or meetings that you know of? Who are some of the obvious leaders — student or faculty — who represent or interact heavily with the student groups you already identified above?