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    Learn the core VISTA supervisor competencies and how they apply to your work. This tutorial addresses common areas of confusion and concern, including what it means to be a VISTA member, how to mentor effectively, and the specific skills you'll need to run an effective program.
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  • Get a complete overview of the sponsor application process with an emphasis on successfully completing a Concept Paper and Project Application, after you’ve decided to apply for a VISTA project.
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    Increase your awareness of the dimensions of diversity through this tutorial, and explore how increasing diversity can positively impact your teams.
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  • Learn about VISTA and make the decision on whether to pursue a VISTA project with this tutorial.
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  • Find out whether you qualify for childcare benefits and learn about the process in this brief tutorial.
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  • Gain an understanding of how you are protected and your responsibilities in protecting the civil rights of others in this scenario-based tutorial.
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    Sharpen your ability to create and refine a VISTA Assignment Description (VAD) by completing this course. Covering the elements of a good VAD, this tutorial can be used as a job aid reference resource.
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    Take this tutorial to learn where to find local and national grant resources.
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    Learn about how poverty is measured in the United States and what you can learn from looking at national data. This tutorial is based on the work of Dr. Stephen Pimpare, author of A People's History of Poverty in America.
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    Learn how to apply your VISTA experience to federal job opportunities not open to the general public.
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