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Hi everyone,

I was hoping to order some marketing materials such as flyers or one-pagers that I could hand out at recruitment events. I found this link on VISTA campus that said "order free marketing materials from CNCS" and it had this link:

But when I open the link it tells me I don't have access to view the page. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm not sure who to ask about why I don't have access. Thoughts??

Hi Allison,

Apologies for the broken link. We are making updates to the site and the VISTA Campus which means some materials have moved, and clearly we haven't updated all the links yet.

You can find promotional materials on this page ( if you scroll down to the section "Already a VISTA Sponsor?" There are program brochures in English and Spanish, posters, post cards, fact sheets, and other materials you can order or download & print.

Good luck with your recruitment!

Andy King
VISTA Training Specialist

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