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Hello :)

I am looking for any resources to help my members understand what each of the CPBM's are actually looking for in more of layman's terms. I do have a powerpoint that the previous VISTA Leader put together which is quite helpful, but I would love to expand on the examples and give my members a better understanding of what they should be tracking and reporting on. Has anyone come across anything helpful? 

Here is a link to what I have and use at my site.


Maddie Odell 

I was a vISTA Leader for a Literacy project. I am AmeriCorps VISTA Alumn. in my current position I work as a Senior Corps RSVP Director. The mission of the nonprofit I work is to INSPIRE, EQUIP, and MOBILIZe residents to take action to serve their communities. We offer volunteer management training and expertise to our communities. 

My advice would be to schedule an interactive training with them. Have them work in teams as a think tank to come up with a list that they think fits the capacity building for that category. Ask them what that activity would look like at their site and describe it in their terms. Have them share this information with the whole group. 

I can offer advice in the area of volunteer capacity building. They also need to think about testing the effectiveness of the Volunteer Recruitment Plan and training. What instruments are they using or developing to get feedbak from volunteers. Is volunteer training meeting volunteer needs? How do they know? How effective are their volunteer recruitment plans? How do they know? Do they have plans in place to allow disabled individuals to volunteer? What if they speak another language or come from another culture? Do volunteer management guidelines and policy address issues such as discrimination or harassment? Is there a policy and method in place for volunteers to address grievances? Part of capacity building for an existing organization is reviewing current policies and procedures to see if they are outdated or need updated. What tools have been developed to determine this? How often should policies be reviewed? What is the organization doing to retain volunteers? How effective is their volunteer reterntion? What feedback mechanisms are in place to ascertain how volunteers want to be recognized or to learn why their volunteers are volunteering? 

I hope this was helpful to you. 

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Hi Elba, 

Thank you for the really thoughtful response. This is very helpful! I am working on placing my team into smaller groups that are working on similar projects, so the group think tank would be perfect for helping them understand the CBPM's. I also really appreciate all these questions, it has made me re-think the approach that I have taken to understanding and explaining the monthly reporting. 

I definitely have my work cut out for me and I thank you again for taking the time to share your wisdom!



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Hi Maddie, 

You are quite welcome. They are pieces of the puzzle that are commonly overlooked which is why i started with those questions. If I can be of any additional help please feel free to reach out to me. My work email is I wanted to clarify my thoughts on the interactive training. Your presentation covered different types of capacity building. I would define them into categories for them Volunteer Management, Fund Development, etc. Then ask them to develop the capacity building ideas for that category for their projects in their words. You can leave room for creativity by asking questions that might lead them to creative problem solving to match the individual needs of the organizations being served but get them thinking in the right direction. When I was a VISTA Leader, bouncing ideas like this off other leaders often made helped with the training design. Good luck!

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