Engaging OSOT/PSO Activities

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After two rounds of PSO Blend, our VISTAs have expressed a lot of frustration with the impersonal nature and technical difficulties of the courses. 

So my co-Leader, Sara, and I want to come up with some activities for us to do with our onboarding VISTAs that supplement the PSO Blend activities and assignments. Sara and I got so much out of both of our classic PSO experiences (VISTA and Leader) and we want to find a way to pass that on to our new VISTAs. 

Does anyone have suggestions on activities that we could do as a group? We were thinking about privilege walks, skills assessments, etc. Any ideas about activities that encourage thinking about poverty, diversity, implicit bias, social issues, etc? As well as— instilling in the VISTAs a sense of comradery and network. 


(we're definitely going to do a couple of the implicit bias tests from this site:  https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/takeatest.html