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Hello fellow leaders!

Does anyone have team development and relationship building resources for VISTAs and supervisors? I'm particulary interested in activities or worksheets that VISTAs and supervisors can do together during the first month of service. I'm hoping to find resources that set up a team for success and increases understanding of each others communication and conflict management styles. 

Thank you! 

Hayley Steele

We did a situational leadership training with our VISTAs and site supervisors that was incredibly enlightening or many of them! It involved doing assessments (both VISTAs and supervisors) about what type of leadership style they are, and then working together to figure out how they communicate best. I've attached a couple of tools we have used! Hope you find them helpful.

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My supervisor and I include icebreakers and team building activities with our cohort of VISTAs once a month at our cohort meetings.

Some of things we have done: 

We asked them to help us develop the standards by which our meetings will go and then typed them up into posters for everyone. 

We sent everyone a personality test and had them bring their results and discussed the various personalities we had and how we could support each other's strengths and weaknesses.

We try to keep our professional development trainings engaging and fun. We did one on Workplace Ettiquette and turned into a game breaking them up into teams to answer questions Family Fued Style. 

Something new we are implementing is a Peer to Peer recognition award. It will be a small teddybear with a t-shirt bearing our organization's logo that they can carry around with them and take pictures with at various tabling events. It is given to a colleague (fellow VISTA) that has gone above or done something that the other VISTA witnessed that they feel merits the award. So the award passes from VISTA to VISTA. At the cohort meeting they present the award and why they feel that VISTA deserves the award. The only rule is that you can't give it to a VISTA who has already had it once until everyone has had it once. 

There are great online resources about learning your management style and how to navigate through them. 

Good Luck! Hope this was helpful.

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