Seeking VISTA Leader at Spokane County United Way! (Washington State)

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I'm excited to announce that we're seeking a VISTA Leader at Spokane County United Way beginning January 3, 2019!

As an intermediary sponsor, Spokane County United Way manages the selection and support of AmeriCorps VISTA projects and members in Spokane County in coordination with the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).  Currently we host a VISTA Leader, 15 projects and the Summer Associates program in our community. By supporting VISTA projects we strengthen local programs that align with our vision for a more educated, healthier and prosperous community.

The VISTA Leader will enhance Spokane County United Way’s VISTA program by: 1) supporting VISTA Members and projects in Spokane County, 2) enhancing VISTA Member training and professional development, 3) assisting in the development of a sustainable VISTA infrastructure, and 4) coordinating VISTA Member events. Key tasks are to develop and support local VISTA projects; coordinate VISTA Member recruitment and onboarding; support VISTA Members throughout their year of service through ongoing communication, training, and facilitation of service transitions; and coordination of events to promote individual member development and community engagement.

Spokane County United Way is located in Spokane, Washington State, which is about four hours East of Seattle on the border with Idaho. To learn more visit Experience Spokane and 12 Facts You (Probably) Didn't Know About Spokane.