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I'm looking to implement a VISTA Advisory board in our community with our partners. Anyone have any advice on the structure of starting a board like this?

Advisory Committee Advice...

Molly, I just emailed you about this...but, I'll post it here in case other people are curious. Attached is the volunteer position description for our advisory committee. We meet four times a year, all members are either familiar with VISTA in general or involved in our VISTA project in some way. It's not a big committment from the members, but we have struggled get members and keep them involved. The committee has potential to be beneficial if your members are genuinely interested in seeing the project improve and can contribute ideas during meetings. 


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We are in the process of starting a VISTA advisory committee as well.  I did a coaching with Jean that was really helpful.  She emphasized thinking about the size of the group and composition and other things like that.  I will past below what we have so far as a rough draft...


AmeriCorps VISTA Project Selection Squadron


The purpose of the VISTA volunteer selection squadron is to aid Spokane County United Way in the selection process of new VISTA projects in Spokane County as well as evaluate and elevate current VISTA projects. 



The squadron will meet on an as needed basis not to exceed 8 times per calendar year based on the amount of open VISTA slots available.  The following timeline should be used to determine when the squadron will meet:


Month of PSO

Month of Squadron Meeting










Composition of the Squadron:

The squadron will consist of 6-8 ninjas (jk- people) who are diverse in background and geography fit one of the following categories:

  1. VISTA Alum
  2. Former VISTA Supervisor
  3. Service learning at local universities
  4. Former national service member- non VISTA

Members will be selected by targeted recruitment as well as through word of mouth


Considerations for selection:

The squadron will be asked to evaluate the concept paper proposals and recommend placement of projects based on the criteria set forth in the CNCS performance measures, the AmeriCorps VISTA focus areas and the 2020 vision of Spokane County United Way as well as the potential host site’s investment in cultural competency, professional development for the VISTA member, and the quality of the experience they are able to provide potential members.

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