Johnstown, PA, flood, summer of 1977, Vistas

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The going away party was a time that wrapped up an incredible two week adventure of mucking out the basements and first floors of flooded homes; tearing down century old homes that had been ravaged by flood waters; eating the goods cooked and brought to us by the Mennonites; bowling when drinking and toking needed to take a break. Life in an apartment with 14 other folks, not one that I knew, sleeping on the floor, waiting. No matter, if you read this and connect to feelings of yesteryear know that the time was.... Tom Congdon, Vista from Columbus, Ohio.

Hi Tom,

I was part of the group responsible for co-ordinating housing at UPJ, as a college Ambassador, within hours of the flood.

I then became part of Vista during my college externship.

I worked with the Windber Hospital and Dr Shope to start the first Hospice in the state of Pennsylvania.

I later worked with the YWCA in their child development program.

(And taught Disco Dancing on the side).

Floods and mother nature are really unique - she swept aside brand new home and left untouched the old derelict ..........

June Whalen-Gonzalez from Johnstown Pennsylvania

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