Looking for a roommate(s) in Anchorage, Alaska

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Hello! I just got accepted to serve as a VISTA member in Anchorage, Alaska and as well all know and struggle with... housing is such a tough issue. I was wondering if anyone on here lives in or around Anchorage and would like to get to know each other/ become roommates! Or, if anyone knows of anyone willing to become roommates or house me for a little while, that would be great! 

Contact me through the VISTA Campus messaging system if you are interested. :-)

Thanks! I hope to hear from y'all soon. 

Chelsea - Thanks for posting, and congratulations on your VISTA assignment!  Your post gives me a great opportunity to remind folks how they can message other VISTA Campus users :-)

First, login to the Campus and make a learning connection with the person (you'll need to be connected first in order to send a private message). In this case, the quickest way is to click Chelsea's username (Chelsea K - at the top of this forum post where it says "Submitted by Chelsea K") to see her profile page.   On the profile page, there is an icon with a + symbol.  Click the + to send someone a connection request. 

Once you are connected with another Campus user, you'll see a link on their profile page to write a message to that person.  You can also see a list of your learning connections at any point by clicking on the "Learning Connections" link under "Connect and Learn".

Scott Weinrobe
Education Northwest / VISTA Campus

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