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Closing date: 6 January 2020

To drive strategic growth through the cultivation, recruitment, stewardship and support of school districts, mentor-rich corporations and other organizations that can provide sustained volunteer resources and service recipients.  Develop a volunteer and service recipient recruitment strategy including targeting special community populations and incorporating agency needs.  Seek varied and creative methods to recruit for all volunteer roles and service recipient openings to ultimately expand our one-to-one mentoring programs. The goal of the project is to recruit and enroll 150 community volunteers from October 2019-September 2020.

The objective of this VISTA role is to increase the number of New Matches, the number of people participating in our Volunteer Orientations and the number of Volunteer Inquiries.  By helping to develop quality volunteer pipelines in our community, we will be able to meet our increased need of volunteers annually. This will be done through community presentations, strategy work with the “Big” Advisory Board and recruitment system development.

The VISTA will create the agency’s corporate/community partner recruitment plan. The goals will include attaining the number of info sessions needed per corporation/community partner for the year in order to meet the New Match Goal. 

The VISTA will take existing date our agency has to decide how many individuals we will need to attend our orientations. From that number, he/she will then set a goal around how many individuals we need to attend our info sessions.

The VISTA will work directly with our Enrollment Director to gather what types of “Bigs” our “Littles” need and/or families are requesting. The VISTA will take those requested demographics and build a plan on how best to recruitment for that demographic.

The VISTA will work in conjunction with our Enrollment Director and our Chief Operating Officer to gather information and data on previous/existing info session partners. The VISTA will also gather demographic information on area employers from the Chamber of Commerce and other agencies. Research can also be done to seek innovative marketing strategies for recruitment, using local resources as well as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America’s marketing resources.




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