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Closing date: 17 November 2019

Job Overview

HealthRIGHT 360's Resource Center provides education services, employment services, housing services, and economic and supportive services to established patients of the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic at the Integrated Care Center (1563 Mission Street). This department focuses on the strengths and skill sets of each individual and fosters a professional environment where everyone feel valued and respected as they work towards their goals. In addition to scheduled workshops, staff provide individual case management services and referrals.

The Resource Center Coordinator identifies housing conducive to long term recovery and economic stability and disseminates this information to staff and clients; finds community resources to help clients maintain stable housing and build economic self-sufficiency; and, provides case management for a caseload of clients, assisting them with their housing and vocational goals. In addition to this, the Resource Center Coordinator recruits, trains, and supervises the volunteers at the Resource Center, and manages the office and staff in conjunction with the Resource Center Manager.  

Key Responsibilities

Supervision Responsibilities: Floor supervisor of the main Resource Center space. Assumes responsibility of the Resource Center in the absence of the Resource Center Manager. Recruits, trains, and supervises the volunteers and interns at the Resource Center. Holds supervision meetings every two weeks with volunteers and interns and prepares lists of duties and special projects for volunteers/interns. Leads staff meetings in conjunction with the Resource Center Manager and assists in resolving problems that may arise. Meets weekly with the 5 Keys Charter School teacher to collaborate on client/patient care and volunteer support. Sends daily client update emails. Facilitates daily orientations with the Access Coordinator to welcome new clients into our department’s services.

Case Management Responsibilities: Meets regularly with individuals and conducts a thorough assessment to ensure that supportive and appropriate services are provided. Assists clients with implementing and making progress on their job and housing search plans, as well as plans for financial recovery. Creates an individualized resume and cover letter with individuals who are job searching in addition to other professional documents. Provides follow-up support to clients regarding job and housing applications. Encourages housing options that are sustainable and supportive. Participates in case conferences with HealthRIGHT 360 staff as well as staff from outside agencies as necessary. Maintains close relationships with clinical staff.

Housing & Economic Information Management Responsibilities: Researches, identifies, organizes, maintains and disseminates information on a wide variety of economic supports and housing options in the Bay Area (e.g. shared, transitional, supportive, subsidized, clean and sober, moderate income housing, etc.). Maintains an active and updated housing distribution list and consistently sends new housing information to appropriate staff. Collaborates with and maintains professional relationships with outside agencies to provide referrals to community housing, supportive housing, transitional housing, and related resources where applicable. Prepares for and facilitates a weekly housing workshop to share current or reoccurring opportunities with clients. Finds housing opportunities and resources via Craigslist, San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Housing, affordable housing developer websites, and other sources, including community meetings and networking events. Trains staff and volunteers related to housing eligibility and application process. Assists clients with housing appeal processes and communication with property management where needed.

Workshop/Support Group Responsibilities: Facilitates a daily morning meeting and assists other staff members in developing group facilitation skills. Teaches workshops related to interviewing skills, money management, job and housing search skills, and legal resources. Facilitates other special workshops as necessary.

Treatment Liaison and Community Collaboration Responsibilities: Participates in and organizes case conferences with clinical staff when necessary, both within the organization and outside of the organization. Collaborates with residential or outpatient staff to ensure each client is receiving appropriate services. Attends staff meetings. Connects appropriate clients to SSI advocacy programs and the Department of Rehabilitation. Provides referrals to related resources. Collaborates with community organizations, property management companies, training programs, employers, and government agencies to provide relevant resources or services to clients. Attends networking functions, meetings, and conferences as necessary.

Program Development and Research Responsibilities: Provides assistance in development and implementation of Resource Center services. Plans, implements and facilitates special workshops/activities/events. Collaborates with the donations department to solicit and maintain supplies of donated items for clients (includes arts and craft supplies, clothing closet and special event supplies). Identifies, organizes, maintains and disseminates information on a wide variety of economic supports and housing options in the Bay Area (e.g. shared, transitional, supportive, subsidized, clean and sober, moderate income housing, etc). Finds low-income and market-rate housing opportunities. Assists with research and grant writing as necessary.

Administrative and Documentation Responsibilities: Maintains accurate records (group and individual sessions, significant client activities, detailed notes of client interactions) by entering documentation into electronic medical record system to satisfy internal and external evaluating requirements. Attends weekly staff meetings and other departmental meetings.  Meets productivity and compliance guidelines of the program. Generates reports as directed. Maintains digital records of Resource Center volunteers (onboarding material, waivers, timesheets) and documents records.

And, other duties as assigned.

Education and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences, Psychology, Liberal Arts or related field
  • Demonstrated knowledge of housing and employment issues, resources and policies
  • Experienced in case management and direct service delivery, especially as it relates to employment and housing counseling
  • Ability to explain and counsel others about the details of the job and housing search process with regard to barriers (criminal background, eviction history, lack of work experience, etc)
  • Demonstrated ability to interface well with diverse, disadvantaged populations with multiple barriers to educational and vocational success, including low literacy, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, history of incarceration, and impaired cognitive functioning
  • Proven ability to build strong professional relationships with colleagues, community organizations, and the broader community
  • Understanding of basic money management skills and the intersections of money, employment, addiction, housing and recovery; Ability to clearly explain these concepts and strategies for building economic self-sufficiency
  • Ability to write and format professional resumes, cover letters, and other documents for/with clients
  • Understanding of economic literacy needs of low-income adult learners, basic money management skills and the intersections of money, addiction and recovery.
  • Outstanding ability to follow-through and create organization systems
  • Skilled as team player and able to independently assume responsibility
  • Demonstrated ability to analyze complex policies pertaining to social service benefits and housing
  • Excellent verbal and written communication, planning and time management skills
  • High degree of creative energy and the ability to adapt easily to change
  • Mastery of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Internet applications with ability to quickly learn new computer software
  • Energetic and enthusiastic
  • Experience teaching adults and/or facilitating workshops
  • Ability to supervise volunteers and colleagues and to manage department processes

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