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Leader Transition Passport
Make your transition from VISTA member to VISTA leader efficiently and effectively.
Leader Roles
Learn about the six roles of a VISTA leader and find resources to help you succeed.
Facilitating a Learning Session
Develop and deliver an effective, outcome-based learning session for your audience.
Live online session on useful topics
Action Learning
Practice leadership skills in the context of a real-world project
In-Service Training
In-person leadership training for VISTA Leaders
Join the conversation with your VISTA leader colleagues.
  • 9/5/19 by
    Judy M
    VISTA Forums, The V Cafe

    If you are interested in finding out what kind of VISTAS you have, I would highly use the "Beginning of Service Survey" which is located in the Leader's Manual. If you can't find it, then let me know and I will email it to you.

  • 9/26/18 by
    Taliyah R
    VISTA Forums, The V Cafe

    Hi all!

    I have heard from several different sources that there was a VISTA Leader training that happens a few months into your service or halfway through your service. My site supervisor hasn't heard anything about it happening this year either. Is this training still happening or have they switching to a virtual training more