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Leader Transition Passport
Make your transition from VISTA member to VISTA leader efficiently and effectively.
Leader Roles
Learn about the six roles of a VISTA leader and find resources to help you succeed.
Facilitating a Learning Session
Develop and deliver an effective, outcome-based learning session for your audience.
Live online session on useful topics
Action Learning
Practice leadership skills in the context of a real-world project
In-Service Training
In-person leadership training for VISTA Leaders
Join the conversation with your VISTA leader colleagues.
  • 7/29/19 by
    Terry R
    VISTA Forums, The V Cafe


    When you gather with your VISTAs for a learning session, what kind of topics do you cover?

  • 5/18/18 by
    Azia G
    VISTA Forums, The V Cafe

    How do you help your members to develop their sustainability binders? 

    Currently we have a guide from Kansas Campus Compact that we hand out, but I'd like to have a list of questions to ask them, or a simpler worksheet to help out, since I'm pretty sure a lot of people don't actually read the guide.

    I also think it more