Managing Your Living Allowance

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Managing your living allowance is challenging. You will probably face tough decisions regarding your money.

VISTAs bring a wide range of financial management skills to service. For some, living in poverty is a new experience, and for others it is something you’ve experienced before. Regardless, all of us can benefit from expanding our talents managing money and finances.

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"I've never lived in poverty before, and I have financial support from my family during my VISTA year. I want to become more financially aware as I explore the realities of poverty this year."


"This is my first time experiencing poverty first-hand. I'll be supporting myself this year,for the first time ever. As I learn what living in poverty is like, I want, and need, to learn how to manage money."


"I've lived in poverty before, so my VISTA stipend won't be a shock to me. In fact, it may amount to more than I earned last year. I want to build upon and improve my money management skills."


Like the VISTAs above, we bring different strengths and needs with us. VISTA service is an opportunity to build on and share your strengths.

This course offers resources to help youbetter manage your living allowance—improving your financial confidence, and building money management skills that will last a lifetime. And we hope you will share these skills throughout your service.

Each category has a wealth of information. Be sure to explore each one.