Managing Your Living Allowance: Everyday Savings

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As you work on ways to manage your budget and your overall finances, don’t forget to focus also on ways to cut costs and build your savings. It's something you can do every day. It all starts with a plan that includes deliberate goals for budget reductions and putting away that extra money. And as we all know, unexpected expenses and situations can occur that require us to spend money where we did not intend! Saving money and thinking proactively about where costs can be reduced can bring you greater peace of mind as you focus on your year of service.

Cutting costs and saving money can help you: 

  • Reduce worry and fear of being unprepared for expenses.
  • Set savings goals that are realistic for your budget.
  • Find ways to stop overpaying for common expenses like utilities, food, and clothing. 
  • Discover great resources for helping you save every day.

Everyday Savings Resources:

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