From Mapping to Involvement

One arrow splitting into twoIt’s now time to integrate your asset mapping activities – including your mapping efforts and follow up discussions - into your program.         

To increase the success of transitioning from the mapping process to the project that inspired this effort, try a tool called Connecting.

Exercise iconYOUR TURN: Make the Connection

Before beginning, refer to page 17 in your packet.

  1. In the center circle, write the focus of your purpose statement. For example, "nighttime safety."

  2. Then, write four of the names of the people or associations you have engaged for the outcome project, one in each square. (Write some potential names if you haven't yet completed mapping.)

  3. On the arrow leading from a potential name to the center circle, write the way in which that person or association can influence the project's focus.

  4. On the arrow leading from the center circle to the potential name, write the benefit that influence will bring to that person or association

This tool allows you to visually communicate the importance of involving engaged community members in future efforts.