Member Recordkeeping

Records are essential for running a VISTA project with integrity. They support the project’s operations and demonstrate compliance.

While sponsors have the flexibility to create and maintain records in the ways that work best for them, they must ensure that they are meeting the minimum recordkeeping requirements for their VISTA projects.

Leave Hours/Days

Sponsors are responsible for monitoring their VISTA’s attendance at their service site as well as approving or declining use of leave. They must track the number of leave hours/days used by each VISTA, creating a record of specific leave dates and making sure leave use does not exceed the maximum number of days for each type of leave.

All VISTA members are eligible for up to 10 days of personal leave and up to 10 days of medical leave over the course of their yearlong service term. See the section on Managing Member Emergencies for details regarding eligibility for leave types that may apply to VISTA members in emergency situations.

Performance or Conduct Issues

Sponsors are responsible for documenting any challenges that develop with VISTA members, including issues with performance or conduct, as well as actions taken to address those challenges, such as performance improvement plans or corrective action plans.

See the section on Challenges with Members for more information on documenting and responding to these situations as they arise.

Outside Employment

Sponsors must document their approval or disapproval, as appropriate, of all requests for VISTAs to accept or continue outside employment by maintaining copies of completed Outside Employment Request Forms. See the section on Outside Employment for more information.


The VISTA member’s supervisor must approve a member’s Teleservice Checklist before it is submitted to the CNCS State Office for final approval. These checklists must be maintained by the sponsor.

For more information, see the VISTA Member Handbook –Terms & Conditions of Service.