Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE) Status

Once you've successfully completed service, you will receive one year of non-competitive eligibility for employment in the federal government.

This special hiring status enables you to apply for federal jobs with the advantage of not having to go through the standard public competitive selection process. That means that you can be appointed to federal positions that may or may not be available to the general public. In addition, your application could be processed faster than others.

NCE does not guarantee you a federal job, but it does provide a valuable opportunity!

To explore NCE further, understand how others have utilized NCE to advance their careers, and learn about applying for federal jobs,please visit this page on Non-Competitive Eligibility.

Alumni Network

Being a part of the AmeriCorps VISTA network offers other post-service opportunities that can open up career doors for you. There are several different avenues for getting involved in the VISTA Alumni Network. Explore the following:

Counting Service toward Federal Leave and Retirement

If you are hired into the federal civil service, your time as an AmeriCorps VISTA member will be credited toward a pension in the Federal Employees Retirement System as long as you pay a portion of your retirement contribution.

An AmeriCorps VISTA service year is credited in the same manner as a year of traditional federal government employment. AmeriCorps VISTA service will apply toward purposes of determining seniority, reduction in force and layoff rights, leave entitlement, and other rights and privileges based on length of service under laws establishing terms and conditions of service of federal civilian employees.

For more information, refer to:

  • Federal Civil Service Credit in Chapter 14 of Member Handbook
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