If you are moving more than 50 miles from your home to a new community to serve, VISTA offers relocation travel assistance and a settling-in allowance.

Relocation Travel Allowance:

Your relocation travel allowance will be based on the direct mileage between the ZIP code of your home of record (defined as the Permanent Address listed in your account) and the ZIP code of your VISTA project site, regardless of the mode of transportation used. Be aware that this allowance may not cover all expenses that you incur. The VISTA Member Support Unit (VMSU) will create your travel request profile and approve your relocation travel allowance. You will receive a relocation travel approval email from the VMSU with the amount of your reimbursement.

Settling In Allowance:

The settling-in allowance is intended to help you with initial settling in expenses' deposits and utilities. Requests for the settling-in allowance should be directed to the Corporation State Office. The allowance is $750, and will be included automatically with your first living allowance payment; no voucher is needed for the Settling In Allowance. Federal taxes will be withheld at the time of payment.

Service-Related Transportation and Reimbursement:

Transportation expenses that you incur while performing your VISTA service activities can be reimbursed. Ask your sponsor if you will need to use your personal vehicle for service-related activities, other than your daily commute. Your sponsoring organization will reimburse you for approved service-related transportation expenses at the organization's standard rate. Speak with your sponsoring organization to learn what their standard rate is and the process for requesting reimbursement. If the organization has no standard rate, then the federal mileage rate may be utilized.

Close-of Service Travel:

VISTA also provides a travel allowance for travel from your project site back to your home of record when you complete service.