Multi-faceted Recruitment & Utilizing Your Resources

Employing Multi-faceted Recruitment

Students will volunteer for a variety of reasons. Some want to volunteer for a specific cause, while others want to make a difference in whatever way they can. SVLs may sign on because of the opportunities to develop skills and build their resumes, or they may see this as their opportunity to leave a legacy in their community.

Because students’ reasons for volunteering are as diverse as the students themselves, you need to create a marketing and recruitment plan that will appeal to many types of individuals. Think creatively about how you can best reach the students you want to engage as volunteer leaders.

Utilizing Your Resources

One of your most effective recruitment techniques is to use the resources you already have. Tap into your own networks of personal and professional contacts to determine:

  • Do you already have a connection with students on campus?
  • Does your organization currently utilize students, faculty, staff, or alumni as volunteers or on the board?
  • Do you have a friend or family member currently connected to the college in some way?

Additionally, work with your colleagues and the national service members who are serving with your organization to leverage their campus connections.