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Political Activities - Key Points

The Hatch Act applies to VISTA members at all times during their service, including some activities during their off-duty hours and extends to presence on social media. You can't engage in any political activity (either partisan or nonpartisan) that would result in identifying the VISTA program with the activity. While on duty or perceived to be identified with the VISTA program, VISTA members cannot show partisanship or work to direct resources (financial or human) to influence elections or legislation (i.e., lobby), engage in voter registration, or provide voter transportation to the polls.

Specific examples of activities you CANNOT participate in as a VISTA regardless of whether on duty or off duty:

    • Soliciting or accepting from others monetary contributions for a partisan political candidate

    • Pro-labor or anti-labor organizing

    • Running for a partisan elected office

Participating in certain political activities during a VISTA term of service is prohibited and a cause for termination. Refer to the member handbook for more information and a full list of prohibited political activities.