Planning for Recruitment

Now that you have a plan for how you can leverage student volunteer leaders, work with your campus contact to begin developing ideas for recruiting students.

Identify students who might be interested in the position. Think about the many different types of students on campus. Who would be interested in serving as a volunteer leader? Since these volunteer positions involve greater responsibility and ownership, consider how to recruit people with the necessary leadership potential. Think about students with particular skill sets or students from certain areas of academic interest or expertise.

Streamline your recruitment message. College students are bombarded with information every day. How can you best market your volunteer opportunities in a way that conveys the most information in the most concise way possible? Always remember to make your mission clear from the outset.

Create a solid recruitment plan. Working with your partners on campus, identify ways to reach the students you want to recruit as volunteers. Be as visible as possible, and make the information as accessible as possible. Many groups and organizations are advertising and recruiting on campus; thus, any recruitment efforts should be engaging, well organized, and professionally presented, which assures students of the legitimacy of the efforts.

Understand your target audience. College and university students are capable of becoming quickly engaged in an issue topic, but might not have enough information about the subject. Be able to explain to them why the service they will be doing is important and be prepared with facts and research. In addition, be prepared to help them recognize skill sets they may not have previously thought appropriate for application in service initiatives.

Help college students connect their service to something larger. Have available a multitude of information and research about the issue their service will be addressing, and ensure that it covers how the issue is relevant locally as well as on a larger scale, even internationally. Connect with departments and professors on campus and work with them on how to bring the service philosophy to the broader scale through academia.

Show students how they will benefit. Students want to know how they can benefit from an activity like this. You can highlight things such as building their resumes, getting great experience in leadership (and possibly for their majors and future careers), meeting awesome people, having fun, and being involved.

When is the best time to recruit college students as volunteers? Often the best time to recruit students is at the beginning of a new quarter or semester. Work with your campus contact, and research the school’s academic and events calendar, to find the best time to market your volunteer opportunities.

Click the link to download the Student Recruitment Plan, an activity to help guide your recruitment efforts. SVLRecruitmentPlan.pdf