Poverty in America

How Poverty is Measured in the United States

Learn about the history of how we determine who lives in poverty in the United States, and the significant impact this has on policy, programs, and people.
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Poverty in Your Community: Developing a Community Profile

Poverty in the U.S.: The National Data

Multimedia resource
Learn about how poverty is measured in the United States and what you can learn from looking at national data. This tutorial is based on the work of Dr. Stephen Pimpare, author of A People's History of Poverty in America.
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13 Lessons About Poverty

Explore lessons about poverty learned during the first 50 years of the VISTA program, in this compelling explanation by Dr. Stephen Pimpare, author of A People's History of Poverty in America.
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Conversations about Poverty with Dr. Stephen Pimpare

Gain new insights as well as important historical facts about poverty in America by listening to three conversations about poverty with Dr. Stephen Pimpare, author of A People's History of Poverty in America. Topics include historical perspectives, current demographics, and the causes of poverty.
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Federal Budget Basics: The U.S. Safety Net

How much money does the US spend on social welfare programs each year? What are the effects of these programs on poverty, individually and collectively? Join us for a session with Dr. Stephen Pimpare to expand your awareness of social welfare programs and policies to help you as you work to address poverty in service to your communities.
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Behavioral Economics and Financial Decision-Making

This webinar explores behavioral economics and the emerging science of decision-making in relation to personal finance. We will explore why people struggle with complex decisions, how poverty exacerbates the decision-making struggles we all experience, and how concrete, often-low cost strategies can help people make more informed decisions.
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