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    Learn about the plans for a new approach to training incoming VISTA members that blends distance learning and fieldwork, including the role of the VISTA supervisor.(original webcast 2/4/2016)

    View the slides from this briefing while listening to an audio recording of the session.

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    Having a successful VISTA service year is all about creating a shared understanding between you and your supervisor about roles, expectations, and outcomes. This webinar provides practical tips and advice for managing and communicating up with your supervisor.
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    Living on the VISTA stipend while in service can be challenging. For some, living at a poverty level income is a new experience, and for others it is something that is very familiar. In this “Stories from Service” session we’ll hear from two currently serving members about what it’s like to live in very different parts of the country on the living allowance.
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    The Eli Segal Education Award is one of the most significant benefits for many VISTAs. To make the most of this award, it’s important to know all the ways it can be used and understand the limitations.
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    Leverage the “search for applicants” function in My AmeriCorps to track and discover applicants by filtering for location, skills, applicant status, and more.
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    Step-by-Step guide to create an accurate and effective service opportunity listing in e-grants.
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    Learn how to setup and manage a new user account in eGrants by previewing required account information and possible user roles in advance.
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  • Member Handbook
    Use this as a reference resource on a wide array of topics related to your VISTA experience.
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    Student loans can be daunting to navigate. As a VISTA member, you have many options available for managing student loans both during and after service. This session outlines several options to postpone, repay, and reduce Federal loan payments and explores Public Service Loan Forgiveness as an option to eliminate loan balances altogether.
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