Resources and Communication

VISTA sponsors have a wide range of individual and online resources, including support and technical assistance, available to help with project success and member support.

CNCS State Office

Each state has a designated CNCS State Office to help develop, manage and monitor VISTA programs in their state and often in other states for large and national projects. State Office staff also support supervision of your VISTA(s) and intervene in emergencies or difficult situations. Finally, CNCS State Office staff is also responsible for connecting you to the resources most appropriate to meet your needs.

Some states also have a page on the VISTA Campus for communicating with sponsors. Once logged in, click on “My State Office” from the dropdown menu and locate your State Office.

You can also contact your CNCS for National and Community Service State Office by phone.

VISTA Member Support Unit (VMSU) and National Service Hotline

The VISTA Member Support Unit (VMSU), contacted through the National Service Hotline, manages VISTA members’ service benefits.  A sponsor may contact the VMSU in support of a VISTA, but mainly VISTA members should contact them directly.  

The National Service Hotline is a place to find general CNCS and AmeriCorps program information, eGrants and the My AmeriCorps portal help, and some program specific inquiries.

VISTA Campus

The following resources will help provide you with a comprehensive view of your roles and responsibilities, as well as an overview of the VISTA program itself, and help you dive deeper into many of the topics covered in the supervisor manual.

Foundational Resources

These resources provide you with extensive information about the VISTA program, application process to get VISTA members, and policy and guidance for working with CNCS.

Resources About The Supervisor Role

In addition to resources listed in the various sections of this manual, these Campus resources provide an overview of a VISTA supervisor’s role.