About VISTA Member Orientation

The VISTA Member Orientation (VMO) is a self-directed online orientation that introduces VISTA members to the terms, conditions and benefits of service and key programming principles at the start of their service. The resources below allow VISTA supervisors to adjust their On-Site Orientation and Training to fit the VISTA Member Orientation and to support their VISTA members as they participate in VMO.

VISTA candidates access the VMO curriculum on the Starting VISTA Service page.

Overview of VISTA Member Orientation
Reference this resource for specifics on VISTA Member Orientation enrollment, participation requirements, attendance policies, and more.

Supervisor Roles in VISTA Member Orientation
Supervisors must be prepared to support their candidates in these ways:
  • Ask candidates about their ability to succeed in VISTA Member Orientation (VMO). If a candidate has concerns about their ability to complete the VMO, then the Sponsor should notify their CNCS State Office.
  • Furnish a work station (individual access to a computer and phone beginning on the first day of service).
  • Align the member’s service schedule so that s/he can fully participate in the VMO webinar on the first day of service (usually 3:00 pm Eastern).
  • Support the member participation in the VMO in every regard.
  • Ensure the member submits the oath form in My AmeriCorps on the first day of service.
  • Implement an On-Site Orientation & Training.
  • Review the VISTA Assignment Description with the member to clarify activities, answer questions, and ensure the candidate understands the goals.
  • Provide the candidate with the fingerprint kit and shipping label.
  • Ensure the member submits his/her fingerprints cards to VISTA HQ within 30 days.

Guide to Entering VISTA Service
This document is sent to candidates enrolled in the VISTA Member Orientation about two weeks prior to their first day of service. The Guide provides instructions for completing their required pre-work, an overview of the orientation, and a calendar of key dates.
  • August 19, 2019
  • September 3, 2019

  • VMO Webinar Content
    Some sponsors have expressed interest in seeing the content of the VMO webinars so they can better align their On-Site Orientation and Training with the VMO. The files below are for that purpose and are not intended for sharing with VISTA candidates
  • Countdown to VISTA Service
  • Launching Your VISTA Service
  • Webpage link