Action Learning Overview

VISTA Leader Action Learning Challenge Opportunity

The Action Learning Challenge is an opportunity to practice leadership skills in the context of a real-world project while at the same time enhancing the experience of current and future VISTAs and leaders. This engaging learning model is designed to enhance professional skills through meeting a significant goal that will positively influence the future of the VISTA program.

Leaders are required to make a commitment to participate in the challenge through its completion, which will take 4-6 months. Leaders interested in participating are required to have attended Leader Orientation.

What is Action Learning?

Action learning is a process of discovery learning and reflection, with an intention of getting real work done. The essence of action learning involves working through real problems, reviewing both the results achieved and then analyzing the process by which these results were achieved. Many major corporations use action learning as part of their leadership development strategy.

Action learning teams commit to planning, implementing and completing a project with the goal of strengthening the VISTA program nationwide. Participants are supported by other team members and coaches.

"I learned the true importance of taking time to formulate a plan, consider all ideas, and reach consensus before plunging in." -– AL Team Participant

What is the primary goal of the Action Learning Challenge?

The goal is to enhance the leadership capacity of VISTA leaders while addressing an unmet need of the VISTA program.

Ultimately, the Action Learning Challenge will result in effective practice recommendations, learning tools, and knowledge sharing, all of which will be made available to the VISTA community through the VISTA Campus.

What will I gain from taking on the Action Learning Challenge?

Leaders participating in the challenge will receive professional development coaching from experienced organizational development consultants who guide and support the teams as they implement the Action Learning Challenge. Leaders will have an enhanced service and leader experience, increased project management experience and a product that demonstrates their knowledge and experience.

How does it work?

Each Action Learning Challenge team will work and meet virtually using a variety of online collaborative tools throughout the course of the challenge. Each team is supported by a professional Action Learning Coach who provides ongoing support and guidance. The Action Learning Challenge also provides an opportunity for peer coaching during Action Learning meetings.

"I feel prepared for the professional world in a way I never imagined." -–AL Team Participant

How much time will be required from me?

You should expect to put in several hours a week attending virtual team meetings, participating in all team conference calls, and doing the work required to meet the challenge and produce a final product. In general, the projects will be completed within 4-6 months. You are strongly encouraged to consider your ability to commit to these time requirements before joining an Action Learning Challenge Team.

Learning more:

VISTA leaders first learn about the Action Learning Challenge during a session at the VISTA Leader Orientation. Closer to the time the teams form, follow-up informational webinars provide details on the currently available projects and the application process. Visit the Join the Action page to see how you can join a team.

Innovation is change that creates a new dimension of performance. - Peter Drucker

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