Introduction to Coaching

image of supervisorCoaches aren't just for athletes! While a coach doesn’t have all of the answers, he or she can make a difference in many situations VISTAs are likely to encounter. As a coach, you can help members improve communication, resolve conflict, make better decisions, manage transitions, and negotiate with others.

Help your VISTAs discover their best

Personal growth is part of the VISTA experience. In the VISTA Supervisor’s Orientation, supervisors explore how coaching can benefit the member-supervisor relationship. Some of the benefits gained from coaching are:

  • When you coach members, you increase interaction with them. You listen, inquire, communicate, and search for solutions.
  • Coaching allows people to share and discuss their perceptions of what happened in an event or situation.
  • A coach asks open-ended questions and guides someone to think something through, instead of giving answers.
  • Coaching is performance focused and provides feedback on both strengths and weaknesses.
  • Coaching requires people to slow down, listen more deeply, and become less reactive. A coach could be wrong.

Download lists that identify the qualities of a good coach and critical coaching areas:

Assess your ability to coach VISTA members in the four critical coaching areas:

Use this script to train your site supervisors or VISTA leaders to be coaches:

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