Leadership Training Module

Facilitative training modules for skill-building

VISTAs are called to take a prominent role in the community: facilitating meetings, collaborating on vision and action plans, resolving conflicts, and more. Taken together, these skills amount to one thing: leadership. These modules can be used as stand-alone training sessions or as a multi-day leadership training for VISTAs. You can also pass along the modules to your VISTA leaders so they can replicate these trainings.

Getting Started:

  • Expectations and Agreements (PDF) Learn how to encourage a group to lay the foundation for its learning environment.
  • Life Maps (PDF) Help VISTAs get to know one another in an activity that charts the path that led them to service.
  • Balloon Castles (PDF) Guide VISTAs in learning about themselves as communicators, team members, and leaders.
  • Leadership Compass (PDF) Use this activity for VISTAs to see how their personality preferences are linked to different leadership styles.

Skill Building:

  • Facilitation (PDF) Boost VISTAs’ skills in facilitating team project planning meetings.
  • Visioning (PDF) Help VISTAs create vision statements for individual or team projects and learn the value of visioning.
  • Project Planning (PDF) Engage VISTAs in a process for inclusive team planning of service projects.

Interpersonal Leadership Skills:

  • Coaching (PDF) Give VISTAs approaches to coaching others in a learning environment.
  • Situational Leadership (PDF) Help VISTAs learn how their enthusiasm and competence are impacted by different situations.
  • Conflict Management (PDF) Find strategies for easing conflict in team settings.
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