The Power of Individual Giving (HTML)

The Power of Individual Giving

The Giving PieUnleash your fundraising potential with an Action Plan to tap individual giving resources!

The Power of Individual Giving GIZMO (Giving Information for Zooming Mission Objectives) is a comprehensive guide that helps users make the case for an individual giving campaign to access and maximize individual giving in order to reach their program’s fund development goals.

Throughout your VISTA year, use the tools below to develop action planning sessions that will:

  • Enhance your fundraising team’s awareness of individual giving as a valuable source of funds;

  • Facilitate the establishment of fund raising goals;

  • Help your team plan for action to raise critical resources; and

  • Generate tasks along a timeline for success

This presentation guide is comprised of the five pieces below. It uses compelling data to display philanthropy trends in the United States and provides tools and tips to guide you through an action planning (DOC) session with your fundraising committee.

Use these documents to get started:

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