Successful Volunteer-led Phonathons

Phonathon Handbook coverThe phone is an excellent—and increasingly overlooked—fundraising tool.

This GIZMO (Giving Information for Zooming Mission Objectives) provides a set of copy-ready tools detailing 11 Easy Steps to successful phonathons. The handbook is designed for use right now by answering all the questions you may have about planning and implementing a successful volunteer-led fundraising phonathon.

Successful Volunteer-Led Phonathons comes complete with ready-to-use checklists, forms, samples and other tools, that show VISTAs how to activate volunteers and stakeholders by involving them in planning and training for your fundraising event.

Get started by downloading the handbook PDF below, and begin planning your next phonathon today!

Access each step separately, or all in one complete file:

Phonathon Handbook - All Steps


Phonathon Step 1 - Integrate!

Phonathon Step 2 - Identify Prospects and Reasons

Phonathon Step 3 - Set Goals

Phonathon Step 4 - Recruit Leadership and Callers

Phonathon Step 5 - Secure "Hardware"

Phonathon Step 6 - Making Calling Cards and Pledge Cards

Phonathon Step 7 - Write the "Dialogue"

Phonathon Step 8 - Prepare Caller Materials

Phonathon Step 9 - Finalize Everything

Phonathon Step 10 - Call and Ask

Phonathon Step 11 - Follow-Up and Thank


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