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Youth Impact (formerly The Tutor) is a free electronic publication released several times a year by LEARNS. Each edition discusses a particular topic of need or interest to staff and volunteers of tutoring, mentoring, literacy, or out-of-school time programs. Profiles of innovative national service programs provide field-tested programming ideas and training tips.


Youth Development


Connecting With Kids: Communication Strategies for Volunteers (Winter 2007)
Discusses effective communication and relationship-building strategies for tutors and mentors working with youth.

The Ripple Effect: When Mentors and Mentees Volunteer Together (Fall 2007)
Describes the benefits when adults and youth volunteer together as part of mentoring relationships, and offers suggestions for finding or creating service opportunities.

A Great Fit: Recruiting Volunteers to Work With Youth (Summer 2007)
Provides an in-depth discussion of recruiting volunteers for youth-serving programs, along with recruitment tips.

Savvy Traveling: Volunteers Engaging With School Culture (Fall 2004)
Helps volunteers in school-based tutoring and mentoring programs better understand and work within the unique culture of K–12 education.


Reading for Meaning: Tutoring Elementary Students to Enhance Comprehension (Spring 2004)
Provides proven techniques for helping students acquire comprehension skills and strategies.

It’s All in the Family: Planning High-Quality Family Literacy Events (Summer 2003)
Offers guidance for planning events such as reading nights that enlist parents and siblings in supporting the literacy development of youth.

Power of Story Re-telling (Spring 2003)
Discusses story retelling, a tutoring strategy to improve a child's reading comprehension.

The Verdict Is In: Trained Tutors=Increased Student Learning (Summer 2001)
Offers tips and best practices for training tutors, with a sample training calendar you can adapt.

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LEARNS is a partnership of Education Northwest and the Bank Street College of Education. We are funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service to provide training and technical assistance to projects focused on tutoring, mentoring, literacy, and out-of-school time. For additional tools, training, and information visit the LEARNS web pages on the National Service Knowledge Network.

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