Service Letters

During and after their service, VISTA members (and alums) may access service letters through their My AmeriCorps portal that may support them in confirming their status for a variety of purposes. 

Currently Serving Certification

This letter includes the dates of service and certifies that the VISTA member is currently serving. 

Public Benefits Income Disregard

In accordance with federal law, payments received by a VISTA through the VISTA program (e.g., living allowance payments) do not reduce or eliminate the level of, or eligibility for, assistance or services that a VISTA may be receiving or is eligible to receive under any federal, state, or local government assistance program. This statutory provision is known as the “income disregard” provision; the provision designed to ensure that persons receiving assistance before joining VISTA do not lose public benefits or have them reduced as a result of their receipt of VISTA payments during service.

Social Security Income Disregard

If the Social Security Administration needs proof of the income you received during your term of service as a VISTA, it is recommended that you print out an income disregard letter to help explain your situation to the benefits officer.

Verification of Service

Once VISTAs have completed service, they can access a Verification of Service letter in their My AmeriCorps account. This letter includes the dates of service and serves as proof of service. This letter documents noncompetitive eligibility.