Starting VISTA Service

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Welcome to AmeriCorps VISTA!

Thank you for joining AmeriCorps VISTA, the movement for social justice and economic equity.

There are two ways a member can enter VISTA service – through an in-person orientation event or through an online virtual orientation. To find what coursework and forms you need to complete to start service, click on the link that pertains to you.

If you’re not sure which type of orientation you’ll be participating in, log-in to your account and click on “My Events” in the left menu. Events with the word “virtual” and the code “PSO” are conducted online (eg, PSO-01/01/2018-Virtual-DC). Those with a city name with the code “PSO” are in-person orientations (eg, PSO-01/01/2018-Philadelphia-PA). Events with the code “REL” can be ignored.

Virtual Member Orientation (VMO)
A self-directed onboarding and orientation at your project site.

In-Person Pre-Service Orientation (PSO)
A 3½-day in-person orientation at a regional location.

(This page provides information for members serving a full year. Summer Associates, serving just for the summer months, click here for information about your pre-service requirements.)