The Big Picture


What is AmeriCorps VISTA all about? What’s the mission? Is a VISTA member right for my organization or program? How do I get started?

Take time to review our highly informative VISTA 101 and 201 tutorials for answers to many of your questions about the nature and purpose of the VISTA program. Then, have a look at the other resources here for a sense of the opportunities and responsibilities of using VISTA members to support your mission.

VISTA 101: Understanding VISTA


AmeriCorps VISTA Performance Measures Module

Managing Your VISTA Project: Roles, Responsiblities and Support

Use this overview of supervisor roles and responsibilities to get a clear picture of what CNCS expects in terms of reporting and project/member management, as well as the support provided.
Additional tags: Reporting, eGrants, Intermediary Supervisor, Sub-site Supervisor, Single-site Supervisor
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