Orienting Your VISTA


Creating and delivering an effective OSOT (On-site Orientation and Training) for your VISTA members sets the tone for the entire VISTA service year. Use the resources on this page to ensure that your members understand your site, community, organizational culture, and work expectations from the get-go.

On-Site Orientation and Training Guidebook

Pre-Service Orientation Blended Curriculum

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The PSO Blend is an approach to VISTA Pre-Service Orientation that employs distance learning and fieldwork to introduce VISTA member to the terms, conditions and benefits of service and key programming principles at the start of their service. The resources below allow VISTA supervisors to adjust their On-Site Orientation and Training to fit the PSO Blend schedule and to support their VISTA members as they participate in the PSO Blend.
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Difference Between VISTAs and Employees

Make sure your employees and VISTAs understand the distinctions between their roles. Use this document to promote dialogue among employees about the differences and to prepare for a VISTA's smooth entry into the project and community.
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